Wearing your white coat in public is not cool

                           I was pulling into the gas station and noticed a young doctor walking around the gas station still in his white coat. This is not cool. It is also very unsanitary. I can kinda understand wearing your scrubs outside of work. You might just be getting off work and desperately need to go to the grocery store but did not have time to change. I understand.  But wearing your white coat outside of work is extreme d-bag territory. It takes no effort at all to take off your white coat and put it in the front passenger seat. But instead this guy walks into the gas station with it on. It was a cringe worthy moment so i had to take a picture of it. Notice he is driving a brand new Lexus ( look at me everyone i’m a rich doctor).

                    The older dude in the back kept staring at him like “wtf are you really wearing your white coat”. You never see judges walking around in their black robe pumping gas.  This guy is probably a very nice person I just think he needs to bring it down a notch. =)




   Oh and he drives off with the gas tank door still open. I thought that was kinda funny. 




8 Replies to “Wearing your white coat in public is not cool”

  1. haha jbmarwood i got a story even worse than that. I went out to a bar a few days ago on a friday night. In the bar there was a whole group of medical students ( i assume) all wearing their scrubs having beers. Now there is no way you can tell me that they could not have changed before they went out for a night on the town bro. Its gross too. Bringing all types of stuff to the regular population that should be left in a hospital. Its stuff like this that makes me hate the self congratulatory nature of some medical students. Uggh…

    1. thats mad. at least with the guy in the petrol station you could say maybe he is having a bad day and has lost his mind or something. but bringing all that into a bar? i dont think ive seen anything like it

  2. I think its just really far fetched and assuming to read so much into this. Are you a doctor? I think if you have any idea how busy and hectic a medical career is, you would not be so quick to think this guy purposely kept on his white coat to go into a gas station to what, look good in front of complete strangers, who just happen to also be pumping gas? You should not take it so personally if someone is wearing his uniform while pumping gas. The guy could have been leaving his 30 hr shift and just wanted to get home without thinking twice about it. I do that all the time. Its ridiculous you would take a picture and make such a big deal of this calling someone you don’t have a clue about a “D-Bag”. My 2 cents regardless of your lack of it.

  3. I agree with the previous poster. Writing this about something so silly seems like a personal issue. Was it because your car is older that you were perhaps envious of his status “white coat symbolizing” and the “new lexus”? Let the guy be. Geeezzz

  4. I kindly disagree. Wearing your white coat in public is never ok…it takes .87 seconds to take off a white coat. I have yet to meet the physician that is too busy to take off a jacket (maybe surgery residents haha). Imagine if a judge where to walk around with his robe. He would look ridiculous. This guy has a case of status anxiety. We all do to a certain extent. Its the reason that high school athletes wear their varsity jackets, or frats and sororities wear their insignia. Thanks for the comments though! Check out this tweet made by a physician.

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